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Moondance Symphony Series Solar LED Street Lantern


The integration of design, no cable, the installation is very convenient.
Fully-digital and high-precision constant current control boasting an efficiency of up to 96%.
The Mono-crystalline solar panel, LED lights, LiDePO4 battery, intelligent controller integrated Aluminum Alloy shell.
True constant curren rather than current-limiting control ensures smooth and stable output current, effectively reducing LED light attenuation and extending LED service life.
When the products with optically controlled microwave induction infrared senson, automatic adjustment of intelligent power on rainy days, extend rainy days.
It used of alloy material as the main structure, with goof rust prevention, corrosion protection. A metal case and an IP66 waterproof level enable the device to operate in vatious kinds of tough conditions.
The wireless remote control setting device, adjustment lighting time, lighting power, automatic detection of battery voltage, read light power parameters, a human body induction function, as long as people go through when full power lighting, no automatic power down ald, restore energy saving mode.
Time control + light sensor control + motion sensor control.
Motion and light sensor built in: solar street light goes on at dusk at 50% brightness (Brightness adjustment). Can go from 50% power to full brightness when motion is detected. Three intelligent Modes: Bright/ DIM/ Recharge. 1, Bright: motion activates for lighting when motion is detected for security light and to save battery; 2, DIM 50% lighting for saving power when no motion; 3, OFF/ Recharge: automatically turns off in dailylight and goes into recharge mode. (Working mode can be adjusted according to client's demands).

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