About Us

ONIRII has been found by a group of young, energetic and ambitious entrepreneurs since early 2014. ONIRII is one of the major and leading brands that brings the LED Lights to the whole new different level. We are not just providing high quality of eco-friendly products to the market, but also capable to offer the total lighting solution for our esteem customers like architects, lighting designer, lighting engineers and even others designers in the lighting industry.

ONIRII’s THINK TANK and Technical Department will always introduce the eco-friendly products that capable of fulfilling the market demands as we are always standing at the top of market fingertips. By using the latest and sophisticated technology and machine, ONIRII is proudly to introduce the simple but high performance – “THE NEXT GENERATION LED - IP68 LED MODULAR DESIGN”. With this brilliant and easy maintenance IP68 LED modular design, Our LED luminaires are simply a “TOOLS FREE” luminaires in the maintenance process. Furthermore, the MODULAR design also able to reduce the maintenance process time up to 80% as compared to non-modular design’s led luminaries.

With the proper and comprehensive standard operating procedures (SOP) in every departments, ONIRII, a brand name that we can proudly recommend to our esteem customers with our quality products & most importantly, fast responsive of the sales and servicing team. It is crucial & absolute zeros tolerance for our product design team to make sure each of the design can meet with the domestic or international luminaires designing standard. Besides, continuous to explore and educated to the latest technology & ideas for our team members is to ensure that they are in good shape in standing up to the top of the competitive Eco-Friendly industry.

“La Lumière Imparable” This is the slogan that means “The Unstoppable Light” in French. ONIRII’s management team will always be reminded to act as what the slogan said. We will always push harder to emphasise our duty & responsibility in developing the new eco-friendly products that are can benefit to the mankind & mother earth. Now we are proud and loud to say that ONIRII is one of the best brands that capable to contribute our strength to the ECO-Friendly world.

We are professional in providing the most comprehensive lighting design & total lighting solution to:


  • Docks and ports Lighting
  • Commercial & Housing Area Lighting
  • Garden Lighting
  • Open Space Area or Compound Lighting
  • Road Junction Lighting
  • Solar LED Street Lighting
  • Factory & Warehouses Highbay Lighting
  • Mini Stadium Lighting System,
  • Sport Arena Lighting system,
  • Commercial Building Lighting